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    September 14-17, 2017
    "October" cinema center, New Arbat str., 24

    Colisium Moscow Music Week


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    Full schedule of the conference and the showcase program will be available on August 2017



    Hear opinions of experts about your own music, attend more than 100 lectures and master classes.



    Discuss the latest trends of the concert industry and learn more about insurance of events.



    See real cases and open new names.



    Discover new technologies and find clients.


    On its 10 year anniversary Colisium provides FREE passes to all international delegates.

    Please get your free promocode at colisium.info@gmail.com

    7 reasons to come

    1. See the industry in general and find your own place.
    Expanding the boundaries  you learn your strengths and weaknesses.

    2. Get inspired by new ideas. 
    It will give you more power and energy for the great achievements.

    Make new partnership and deals.
    Meet new partners, exchange your business cards, arrange partnership

    4. Find answers on questions that interest you the most.

    A fresh perspective from the experts will give help to make a new turn in your project.

    5. Find adherents and colleagues. 

    Express your ideas publicly to attract new participants into your project.

    6. Pass your experience and knowledge to others.
    The formulation of winning strategy structures your own knowledge, continuity is the key to development.

    7. Become open minded. Act local - think global.
    New experience gives you ideas and thoughts which bring you closer to the success.




    12:00 - 12:30, Floor 1 Hall №1

    Sergei Babich

    Colisium, Executive Director

    Vladimir Kravchenko

    Colisium, General Director

    Evgeniy Safronov

    Intermedia, CEO
    E Coffee break

    Pesnyary: Fight for the name of the musicalproject. The phenomenon of doubles and fakes in the market.

    Plus special live performance of Pesnyary 

    13:00 - 13:45, Floor 1 Hall №1

    Tatyana Zhdanovich

    Pesnyary, Leading legal adviser

    Svyatoslav Chernukho

    Pesnyary, Concert director

    Roman Kozirev

    Pesnyary, Artistic director, Director of collective
    k Pesnyary - live performance

    Marketing strategies of live events. Exclusive report.

    14:15 - 15:15, Floor 1 Hall №1

    Semyon Galperin

    Tele-Club Touring, Dom Pechati club, Producer
    b Dinner

    Venues. Round table.

    Presentation of big live venues

    Future of big shows


    Almaty Arena, Kazakhstan

    Crocus City Hall, Moscow
    Olimpiyskiy, Moscow
    Sagrado Holding

    16:00 - 16:45, Floor 1 Hall №1

    Нагима Мирзакирова

    Дирекция Спортивных Сооружений города Алматы, начальник отдела маркетинга

    Василий Никитин

    Crocus City Hall, Заместитель директора по концертной деятельности

    Валерия Баулина

    СК Олимпийский, Начальник билетного отдела

    Никита Новицкий

    RED, Управляющий партнер
    E Coffee break

    Tours in resions: South of Russia, Ural, Povolzhje, Belarus, Kazakhstan

    17:15 - 18:00, Floor 1 Hall №1

    Vladimir Nosov

    Nosov & Partners, Rental company

    Rail Gelfanov


    Roxana Filippova

    Naberezhnye Chelni

    Andrei Shumarin

    Tat concert.ru, General producer

    Nikolai Rudnikov

    Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Promoter (Skriptonit, Basta, Monatik, Pavel Volya)
    I Transfer to "Gorod" club

    Showcase at "Gorod" club

    20:00 Dedoox feat Iyulina
    21:00 The Just
    22:00 Nina Project

    20:00 - 22:45, Floor 1 Hall №1

    i End

    Releases and management of Artist

    Navigator Records
    Maxim Fadeev center

    12:00 - 12:45, Floor 1 Hall №1

    Ruslana Sultanova

    Navigator Records, Musical director

    Alexandr Pushnoy

    Navigator Records, Artist

    Darya Mishina

    Maxim Fadeev center, Nargiz, artist manager
    E Coffee break

    Soldouts in theatres. Secrets of development of theatrical shows.

    13:00 - 13:30, Floor 1 Hall №1

    Alexandr Tsypkin

    Stanislavskiy electrotheater, assistant art director
    E Coffee

    How to choose a ticketing platform for a venue or an agency

    Ticketing systems

    13:45 - 14:30, Floor 1 Hall №1

    Alexandra Dushenkina

    Smart Bilet, Marketolog
    E Coffee break

    Insurance of visitors at the events. “Event” system in Russian.

    14:45 - 15:15, Floor 1 Hall №1

    Natalia Malinovskaya

    ERV insurance, Head of Directorate of corporate sales and electronic commerce of ERV
    b Dinner

    Comparing European, Asian, American and Russian music markets

    One of the most popular conductors of Russia and world, president Foundation of development of musical art, artistic director of Music hall theater, St. Petersburg

    15:45 - 16:30, Floor 1 Hall №1

    Fabio Mastrangelo

    Fund of development of musical art, President
    E Coffee break

    Forecast of development of live market.

    16:45 - 17:45, Floor 1 Hall №1

    Vladimir Zubitskiy

    Russian Show Center \ SAV Entertainment, General Director

    Dmitriy Zaretskiy

    Pop Farm, Founder

    Mihail Evgrafov

    Yotaspace, Managing Partner

    Ed Ratnikov

    TCI, General Director

    Sergei Muradov

    Eventation, CEO
    E Coffee break

    Negative business model in the musical industry. Work with receivables.

    Panel discussion

    18:00 - 18:45, Floor 1 Hall №1

    Andrei Shilov

    Ассоциация компаний по техническому обеспечению мероприятий, Participant

    Katerina Kirillova

    Euroshow Moscow, CEO

    Kirill Dzham

    Effective Records, Founder

    Pavel Katkov

    Katkov & Partners, Chief partner
    E Coffee break

    Expert as main deficiency of the music industry.

    Panel discussion

    19:00 - 19:45, Floor 1 Hall №1

    Olga Demina

    Musuniverse.com, Founder

    Varvara Semenikhina

    Yandex.Music, Marketolog

    Michael Minin

    Ponominalu, General Director

    Vasiliy Gilarov

    RMA, deputy head

    Andrei Petrov

    Mosproducer, Producer

    Maria Reznik

    Black Star, HR manager
    I Transfer to Gorod club

    Showcase at "Gorod" club

    19:30 Zemlyanika band
    20:15 CHAPITEAU
    21:00 Masha AIST
    21:45 Crimson Brooks

    20:00 - 22:45, Floor 1 Hall №1

    i End

    Complex online promotion of events

    Panel discussion

    12:00 - 12:45, Floor 1 Hall №1

    Maksim Polkunov

    Weekend Agency, Co-organizer

    Georgi Fomichev

    Endurance, Founder

    Yuliana Bershena

    WSC digital, Project manager
    E Coffee break

    Promotion of festivals. Case: 6 festivals for the summer.

    Results from "Line up" event/art/pr agency:
    Усадьба Jazz - Moscow
    Усадьба Jazz - Voronezh
    Усадьба Jazz - Yekaterinburg
    Усадьба Jazz - St.Petersburg
    Present Perfect Festival

    13:00 - 13:30, Floor 1 Hall №1

    Zoya Skobeltsina

    Line up event/art/pr, Artist manager

    Nadezhda Kolesnikova

    Usadba Jazz festival, PR / Advertising director
    E Coffee break

    How we compete for the American client with Ticketmaster.

    The marketing strategy of growth in the most competitive market in the world. Cases, figures, insights.

    13:45 - 14:15, Floor 1 Hall №1

    Vitaliy Mishlaev

    b Dinner

    Russian ticketing companies on international level

    What European experience can be useful to the Russian market? Whether we will apply the Russian experience during the work in neighboring states?

    14:45 - 15:30, Floor 1 Hall №1

    Pavel Adler

    Ticketbest, CEO
    E Coffee break

    Federal Law No. 54: what changes wait for us in the booking market

    Discussion with ticketing operators

    15:45 - 16:15, Floor 1 Hall №1

    Pavel Katkov

    Katkov & Partners, Chief partner
    E Coffee break

    New technologies in ticketing industry

    Crypto.Tickets - ticketing service on the basis of technology a blockchain. Entry into ICO.RFID - bracelets: analytics and an interactive with the audience, currencies of the closed contour.

    16:30 - 17:00, Floor 1 Hall №1

    Egor Yegerev

    Ticketscloud, CEO

    Sergei Tarasov

    Bracelet factory, CEO
    E Coffee break

    How to become a star during an era of a hype?

    17:15 - 18:15, Floor 1 Hall №1

    Mihail Kozyrev

    TV Rain
    E Coffee break

    Education in the musical industry. Source of manpower.

    Management in musical business and show business

    18:30 - 19:15, Floor 1 Hall №1

    Alexei Nikolaev

    Consulting bureau in the sphere of musical business of InSimple, Expert

    Vasiliy Gilarov

    RMA, deputy head

    Azamat Badzoev

    Black Star, Personnel training
    I Transfer to Gorod club

    Showcase at Gorod club

    19:30 Two Siberians
    20:15 Extract
    21:00 Limebridge
    21:45 SKYNET

    20:00 - 22:45, Floor 1 Hall №1

    i End

    Strategy of positioning of the actor. Tools and examples.

    12:00 - 12:45, Floor 1 Hall №1

    Valery Mifidivskiy

    3PLET, CEO
    E Coffee break

    Zamsha - the detailed statistics of tracks in an air and on YouTube

    joint project with Promo DJ

    13:00 - 13:45, Floor 1 Hall №1

    Igor Krayev

    TopHit.ru, Founder and Director for Development and International Promotion
    E Coffee break

    Musical journalism: relationship of PR-managers and media.

    Panel Discussion

    Moderator Boris Barabanoc

    14:00 - 15:30, Floor 1 Hall №1

    Boris Barabanov

    Kommersant, Music reporter

    Vladimir Yerkovich

    Artist magazine, Chief editor

    Vladimir Kalyan


    Olga Demina

    Musuniverse.com, Founder

    Nikolay Karasev

    О!2 ТВ, Music editor

    Alexei Bigildin


    Denis Boyarinov

    Colta.ru, Music reporter

    Mihail Bogomolov

    RU.TV, General producer / General Director

    Natalia Pakhomova

    FPG , MORDOR , GIVE TWO, PR manager

    Roman Gorbunov

    b Dinner

    Working with sponsors

    Selebriti marketing: identity as center of gravity of sponsor's budgets. A role of the personality Artista in development of brands.

    16:00 - 16:45, Floor 1 Hall №1

    Alexandr Yurasov

    URAI, Founder

    Petro Sheksheev

    More Than Agency
    E Coffee break

    Fundraising of events. From chaos of contacts to system work.

    Концертные и клубные проекты.
    Спонсорские интеграции.
    Челенджи реальных ситуаций.

    17:00 - 18:00, Floor 1 Hall №1

    Yevgenia Maltseva

    Sponsor Consulting, CEO

    Darya Isakova

    Russian Show Center \ SAV Entertainment, Sponsorship and marketing director

    Katya Myrcha

    Холдинг Event Moskva, Business development director
    i End

    Studio with a help to producer. Recording studios of Moscow.

    - specialties of Moscow recording studios

    12:15 - 13:15, Floor 2 Hall №4

    Alexandr Turok

    Turok Music

    Alexei Parfenov

    Sakura Records
    E Coffee break

    Dj schools. Audio school of Dj Groove

    The team of school will show the presentation on professional Dj education

    13:45 - 14:30, Floor 2 Hall №4

    Violetta Kulikova

    Аудиошкола DJ Грува, CEO
    b Dinner

    Tools for music content sales. Advertising and development of electronic music.

    Main tools and platforms for digital sales

    15:10 - 16:00, Floor 2 Hall №4

    Valeriy Marintsev

    PromoParty.ru, Pr / Advertising

    Efim Kerbut

    Dj, Producer

    Vasiliy Perepeletsin Vigel

    Dj, Producer

    Egor Cherepanov

    Arty, SMM Manager

    Roman Hasanyanov

    , Manager, music editor

    Kirill Slepuha

    KIIDA, Dj, Producer

    Grogoriy Taran

    GLOBALCLUBBING, Head of sales

    Mihail Mazunov

    A&R Promotion, Ex Arty manager

    Mihail Sukiasyan

    Sagrado, Musical director of ICON CLUB, director of a franchize of Sagrado holding
    E Coffee break

    Professional media and PR in dance music industry

    Professional Media and PR in dance music industry

    16:15 - 17:00, Floor 2 Hall №4

    Sergei Belgorodtsev

    Russian EDM Family

    Boris Kurashev

    Forthweekend, Founder

    Dmitriy Shalya

    Sagrado, Chief editor

    Natalia Sarayeva

    Sagrado, PR / Advertising director

    Kirill Nikolskiy

    Sagrado, Finance director
    E Coffee break

    Perspectives of development of dance music culture in Russia and CIS. Round Table.

    Round Table

    17:15 - 18:00, Floor 2 Hall №4

    Nikita Zabelin

    Resonance Music, Dj, producer

    Nikolay Abramov


    Kirill Nikolskiy

    Sagrado, Finance director

    Dmitriy Shalya

    Sagrado, Chief editor

    Abstract Vision

    Dj, Producer
    E Coffee break

    Workshop. Inside of Vion Konger project

    Inside 'Dat Beat' track released on Musical Freedom label

    18:15 - 19:00, Floor 2 Hall №4

    Vion Konger

    Creative Primates, DJ, Producer
    I Transfer to Shishas

    Electronic showcase

    20:00  Hardbarr
    21:00  Cosmic

    20:00 - 23:00, Floor 2 Hall №4

    i End
    i Окончание дня

    Earnings and perspectibes of EDM producer in 2017

    Panel discussion

    12:30 - 13:15, Floor 2 Hall №4

    Alexandr Larichev

    EDM Ghost Production, Dj, Producer

    Alexander Popov

    Interplay, Founder

    Evgeniy Smirnov

    Aurosonic, Dj, Producer

    William Harrison

    , Dj, Producer

    Vladimir Fonarev

    FONAREV, Producer and owner of Digital Emotions label

    Denis Alentyev

    DAR, Producer and owner
    E Coffee break

    ALFA FUTURE PEOPLE - blockbuster strategy

    Alfa Future People festival organizers

    13:30 - 14:15, Floor 2 Hall №4

    Nadezhdna Buyalskaya

    Alfa Future People, PR Director

    Yulia Doroshina

    Alfa Future People, Financial director
    b Dinner

    Big EDM events

    Panel discussion

    15:00 - 15:45, Floor 2 Hall №4

    Nikolay Abramov


    Grogoriy Taran

    GLOBALCLUBBING, Head of sales

    Yulia Doroshina

    Alfa Future People, Financial director

    Sergei Фадеев

    Signal, Creator

    Ivan Носиков

    Механика, System, Event Manager

    Andrei Prokofiev

    Northern Sound, CEO
    E Coffee break

    Organization of successful live events

    Panel discussion

    16:00 - 16:45, Floor 2 Hall №4

    Yaroslav Shitsle

    AFC Radio, Producer

    Igor Konovalov

    Shishas Bar, Art director

    Nikita Novitskiy

    RED, Managing partner

    Denis Alentyev

    DAR, Producer and owner
    E Coffee break

    Electronic labels

    Panel discussion

    17:00 - 17:45, Floor 2 Hall №4

    Kirill Dzham

    Effective Records, Founder

    Max Gabriel

    Legraib Records, Founder

    Alexander Popov

    Interplay, Founder
    E Coffee break

    Workshop. Trends in electronic music. Is music getting harder?


    18:00 - 18:45, Floor 2 Hall №4

    Anton Heas

    Mix Feed Agency., Founder

    Andrei Popov

    Vndy Vndy, Dj, Producer

    Michael Demos

    Megapolis FM, Dj, Producer

    Miss YoYo

    Megapolis FM, Dj, Producer

    Roman Alexandrov

    Radio DFM, Music editor

    Filipp Kluev

    Fillter, Dj, Producer

    Electronic showcase

    23:00 Dj Miller 
    00:00 Eljay

    23:00 - 23:59, Floor 2 Hall №4

    E Coffee break
    E Coffee break
    E Coffee break
    b Dinner
    E Coffee break
    E Coffee break
    E Coffee break
    i End

    Digital Emotions


    23:00 - 23:59, Floor 2 Hall №4

    Vladimir Fonarev

    FONAREV, Producer and owner of Digital Emotions label

    Insdide of kids segment: showbusiness as a part of kids market.

    Panel discussion

    12:00 - 12:30, Floor 2 Hall №4

    Yelena Lashenko

    Muzykalny Klondayk news Agency, CEO

    Ripsime Grigoryan

    A.S.Show, Director

    Vladislav Metrevelli

    NAOM, Executive director

    Tours of big theaters: experience of the Moscow provincial theater under control of Sergey Bezrukov.

    12:40 - 13:10, Floor 2 Hall №4

    Igor Kolobov-Teslya

    Moscow Provincial theater, Deputy director for the organization of the viewer and operation of performances

    Production of Fiksiki show

    13:20 - 13:50, Floor 2 Hall №4

    Yuri Sergeev

    Fiksi show, General Producer

    7+1: a marketing experiment which will help during tour work.

    tour work from the point of view of the marketing specialist

    14:00 - 14:45, Floor 2 Hall №4

    Nikolay Novoselov

    Doctor Factum child show

    Tour hire: reefs and hits.

    15:30 - 16:00, Floor 2 Hall №4

    Andrei Shumarin

    Tat concert.ru, General producer

    Olga Bekish

    Fairy tale on ice, director-ballet master

    Ripsime Grigoryan

    A.S.Show, Director

    Copyright and protection of a brand.

    16:10 - 16:40, Floor 2 Hall №4

    Pavel Katkov

    Katkov & Partners, Chief partner

    From the region to the region: differences and opportunities.

    16:50 - 17:20, Floor 2 Hall №4

    Konstantin Chertov

    RusShow.biz, CEO

    Window of opportunities: what it is possible to receive from the government

    How it is possible to receive tenders?

    17:30 - 18:00, Floor 2 Hall №4

    Victoria Kurchevskaya

    TenderFactoring, CEO

    Focus on Latvia

    Latvian musical market. Features and prospects.

    13:00 - 14:30, Floor 2 Hall №4

    Janis Klavins

    Madona municipality, Head of Culture department
    E Coffee break

    Korean-Russian cultural bridge.

    15:00 - 15:45, Floor 2 Hall №4

    Galina Bosaya

    BOSAYA, the goodwill ambassador in Korea
    E Dinner

    Music markets of South America: Brazil

    16:15 - 17:30, Floor 2 Hall №4

    Alina Usmanova

    Colisium, PR Director
    i End

    Dedoox feat Iyulina

    Unique music project from St.Petersburg

    20:00 - 20:45, Gorod club

    c Coffee break

    The Just

    The Just, Novosibirks

    21:00 - 21:45, Gorod club

    c Coffee break

    Nina project

    Electro acoustic dream-pop, indie, pop-rock

    22:00 - 22:45, Gorod club

    i End

    Zemlyanika band

    Московская группа "Земляничная Поляна" или Zemlyanika band играет две концертных программы: электронную - IDM (intelligent dance music) и живую этно-фьюжн программу.Это звуковой коктейль из острого вокала, нежной флейты и оригинальных аранжировок с образными философскими текстами! В результате творческих экспериментов этой муз-лаборатории был получен прозрачный саунд с этническим колоритом, пробуждающий эмоции и отправляющий в сакральное путешествие внутрь Себя...Вокалистка использует 4 октавы диапазона, двухголосные: флейту и варган, нойзовое и горловое пение, а вся команда поддерживает ярким необычным саундом. Приятно удивляет новаторское звучание этого коллектива. Они делают "осмысленную музыку", вдохновляя слушателя к самопознанию и духовному возрождению!

    19:30 - 20:00, Gorod club

    c Break


    CHAPITEAU are sincere frank recognitions which don't leave indifferent anybody. Professionalism and quality of songs of musicians of CHAPITEAU attracts attention everyone who hears or plays with them on one stage or in studio. Chapiteau frequent guests of radio of air, including Radio Mayak. The group has its own project "Known and Unknown" which guests were already legendary bands "Kalinov Most" and "Masha and Bears".

    20:15 - 20:45, Gorod club

    c Break

    Masha AIST

    AIST – the solo project of Masha Krymtsova from Moscow. Gentle indie-pop, atmospheric and exact. The enveloping waves of melodies and texts about ultraboundary, the nature, elements, love, search and opening. For goosebumps and inspiration, walks inside and travel to the Moon.

    21:00 - 21:30, Gorod club

    c Break

    Crimson Brooks

    Crimson Brooks "They raise the garden, having imparted young escapes on a tree of a peculiar reading of blues of 1968. The blues isn't capable to die, and we probably won't become more senior any more." Crimson Brooks - the project founded in 2015 by the musicians from St. Petersburg united by love to classical fate, blues and sincerity. "Authentic", "garage and lamp", "real" and "unclear from where undertaken". Shrill sounds of a female vocal and an electric guitar, melancholy, the drive and refusal to adapt to time and the place.

    21:45 - 22:30, Gorod club

    i End

    Two Siberians

    TWO SIBERIANS unique tool collective from Russia. Yury Matveev (guitar), Artem Yakushenko (violin) both is from Siberia. They are authors of several hundred pieces of music. Original sounding of tools, expressional, masterly execution in combination with incredibly beautiful melodies, literally "dement" the audience around the world.

    19:30 - 20:00, Gorod club

    c Break


    Extract is 3 persons – a vocal bass, the cellist and the drummer. In music try to work at a joint of various directions, using elements of fate, electronic and classical music, the punk and others. In October to group three years will be executed, but during this time children have managed to release a debut minialbum, at present the first LP is in the final stage of record. The group regularly acts on various platforms of Moscow, and not only.

    20:15 - 20:45, Gorod club


    20:30 - 21:00, Китайский летчик Джао Да

    c Break


    Limebridge — the rock group which is successfully acting in Russia and abroad, numerous winners of serious musical competitions. In 2007 they became winners of the Live Sound festival in two nominations at once: "the best rock group" and "the best men's vocal", and in 2010 winners of the All-Russian project "VECHEGREENKA in Your City" (selection rounds were held in 9 cities!) also Good Charlotte and Mumiy Troll have performed in St. Petersburg at the Tuborg Greenfest festival on a warming up at Pink.

    21:00 - 21:30, Gorod club

    c Break


    The SKYNET group, bright with modern sounding, a pop rock collective from Belarus. For the small history the group has managed to become special guests of the BI-2 group in the Spiritist tour (Belarus). To be highly appreciated in Work&Rock final from Ilya Lagutenko and Ivan Urgant (Moscow). To become leaders of radio of charts and "A national chart" on Belmuztv music channel and to receive "A silver record player" ONT channel. Also the group together with the British musician Edwin Poup, the leader of the British, musical project "Mutant Vinyl" which worked with such world stars as Paul McCartney, Triki, etc. has made a joint track. Songs and clips of group in rotation on radio and TV channels.

    21:45 - 22:15, Gorod club

    i End

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