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    Being inspired by ideas, charged by energy for the new achievements.



    Communicating with music managers and cultural figures from all over the world



    Getting invaluable experience and increasing competence in the shortest time possible.



    Getting to know more people, making a name for ourselves.

    7 reasons to participate

    1. See the industry in general and find your own place.
    Expanding the boundaries  you learn your strengths and weaknesses.

    2. Get inspired by new ideas. 
    It will give you more power and energy for the great achievements.

     Make new partnership and deals. 
    Meet new partners, exchange your business cards, arrange partnership

    4. Find answers on questions that interest  you the most. 

    A fresh perspective from the experts will give help to make a new turn in your project. 

    5. Find adherents and colleagues. 

    Express your ideas publicly to attract new participants into your project.

    6. Pass your experience and knowledge to others. 
    The formulation of winning strategy structures your own knowledge, continuity is the key to development.

    7. Become more open.
    New things give you ideas and thoughts which bring you closer to the success.


    November 9, Thursday

    14:00 Opening.
    Welcome speech, short review of the market.
    Sergei Babich, Colisium (St.Petersburg),
    Alexandr Kasinskiy, Kvitki.by (Minsk)

    14:30 Structure of the music business.
    How musical business is arranged in general? Why artist needs labels and how to
    earn money on your music?
    Alexei Nikolaev, InSimple (Moscow)\

    15:30 Artist management.
    Interaction with organizers of concerts out of Belarus. Difficulties and their
    Svyatoslav Chernukho, concert director of the Belarusian state ensemble "Pesnyari"

    16:15 Music video promotion.
    When you have filmed a video or a concert what can be done next? How to reach
    the maximum views?
    Olesya Gulyaeva, Videoseed.ru (St.Petersburg)

    17:00 Building a tour for an artist.
    Collaboration of organizers of concerts of the different countries: how it is
    correct to construct interaction and logistics.
    Sergei Muradov, Eventation concert agency (Moscow),
    organizer of Disturbed, Evanescence, Three Days Grace, Papa Roach, Skillet,
    Megadeth and other shows.
    Alexandr Obrazov, A-Event agency(Minsk), organizer of Rammstein, 30 Seconds
    to Mars, Jose Carreras, Tarja Turunen, Jennifer Lopez and other shows.
    Maxim Mazurovskiy, INTERFEST agency(St.Petersburg), organizer of Leningrad,
    Bi-2, Zemfira, Brainstorm, Yolka, Leonid Agutin, DDT, Picnic, Splin Chaif and other

    20:00 Showcase
    TNT Rock Club
    Ilya Djagel & Sestrichkin Luch

    November 10, Friday

    12:00 Music Case: story of artist development.
    Showcase festivals as an instrument for artist development. Story of real projects.
    Dmitriy Baltrukevich, Shalyapin Cocktail (Minsk)
    Valeriya Gribusova aka VAL, Singer / songwriter (Minsk)

    13:00 Electronica: review of Amsterdam Dance Event.
    European musci conferences as a tool for artist development.
    Victor Rudenko, composer, electronic producer, frontman of ROSTANY (Minsk)

    14:00 Partners section: presentation of ticketing service new updates. 
    Development strategy of ticketing systems in Belarus.
    Alexandr Kasinskiy, Director of Kvitki.by (Minsk)

    15:00 Electronic music and festivals.
    The future is electronic festivals. Worldwide trends and forecasts.
    Kirill Jam, Alfa Future People, Effective Records, (Moscow)
    Eevgeniy Odinets, Allstars.by, Global Top Djs (Minsk)
    Alexei Tsigankov, UCast DJ, producer, participant of Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC)
    Dreamstate, Summervibes, Grotesque

    16:00 Digital Marketing and technologies of the nearest future.
    What technologies will come to the concert market of Belarus in the nearest
    future. To what it is necessary to prepare for music managers and organizers of
    concerts and festivals.
    Jaanus Beilmann, CEO Baltic Ticketing Holding (Tallinn)
    Harri Kaasinen, ex-Ticketmaster, ex-Eventim, CEO Event Revenue Management,
    partner of Profitworks OY (Helsinki)

    17:00 Special guest
    How not to miss the talent and to move to the planned purposes. How to
    become a star during a hype era?
    Mihail Kozyrev, journalist, music critic, producer, tv and radio host, actor

    20:00 Showcase @ LOFT CAFE (P.Brobki street, 22)
    -Shaman Jungle

    November 11, Saturday

    12:00 Experience in concert agency development
    Difficulties of development in the concert market. Question of staff recruitment.
    Sergei Babich, Colisium (St.Petersburg)
    Anastasia Derkach, ex-EM Concert, Colisium (St.Petersburg)

    12:30 Concert agencies in Belarus
    Organization of concerts as a business.
    Nadya Damkovskaya, Wonderland Еvents agency, (Minsk)
    Roman Bolonnikov, Wonderland Events (Minsk)
    Tatyana Musinzya,ZiZu agency (Minsk)

    13:00 Strategy of positioning.
    Marketing technique of development from CPS Trout & Partners
    Valeriy Mifodovskiy, 3PLET Publishing (Moscow)

    14:00 Tools of the organizer. How to sell all tickets for your concert.
    Each ticket has the buyer: how to find him and to sell him the ticket? The story
    from experts of ticketing technologies.
    Alesiya Malakhovskaya, Deputy CEO Kvitki.by (Minsk)

    14:45 Creating your own concert business
    The real story: from civil service to the large concert agency.
    Alexandr Obrazov, 4A-Event agency (Minsk)
    Sergei Kabashnikov, 4A-Event agency (Minsk)

    15:30 Festivals.
    What needs to be done for development of festival culture?
    Alexei Murashev, Revolution Open Air (St.Petersburg)
    Yevgeniy Labut,Viva Braslav Open Air (Braslav)
    Oleg Labut, Viva Braslav Open Air (Braslav)
    Maxim Mazurovskiy, Festivals: Vozduh, Perezagruzka, Big Discoteque

    16:15 Presentation of Minsk Arena
    Opportunities for holding big spectacular shows.
    Yelena Borisevich, chief of concert department, Minsk Arena
    Еyelena Khoruzhenko, head of advertizing and marketing, Minsk Arena
    Mikhail Saltanov, deputy chief engineer, Minsk Arena

    17:00 Concerts and festival in the social media era.
    The right ways to use digital tools with the audience.
    Zoya Skobeltsina, Line up event/art/pr agency (St.Petersburg)

    18:00 Online and mass media in the live music industry. Music Journalism.
    The role of todays mass media in development of artists and big live events.
    Crisis in music journalism: the fall of the genre or the search of the new forms?
    Syargei Budkin, Director of Tuzinfm.by

    18:45 Info-support.
    Anastasia Zmitrovich-Klepatskaya, chief of service of marketing and planning,
    New Radio / Narodnoe Radio

    20:00 Showcase @ LOFT CAFE (P.Brobki street, 22)
    - Tempo Bay
    - Weesp
    - Stepanov Starlings

    November 12, Sunday

    12:00-13:30 Tour to Minsk Arena




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