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  • 31.12.2016

    35 best tracks of 2016 picked by Colisium

    In this playlist we have picked most interesting tracks in various genres released in 2016. Here you can find independent artists from Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Ukraine. Many of them were discovered on Colisium showcases this year. Finilizing this year we are very glad to share their releases. We really hope that you can also discover many new interisting aspects in their works!

    EIMIC (Russia)

    Mustelide (Belarus)

    Oligarkh (Russia)

    Celestial Whales (Kazakhstan)

    Uratsakidogi (Russia)

    Molto Loud (Kazakhstan)

    The Jack Wood (Russia)

    Mujuice (Russia)

    Maskeliade (Russia)

    Glintshake (Russia)

    Stoned Jesus (Ukraine)

    Fugawz (Kazakhstan)

    OQJAV (Russia)

    Love Cult (Russia)

    Hmot (Russia)

    My Rockets Up (Russia)

    Pixelord (Russia)

    Zzara (Kazakhstan)

    Masha Maria (Russia)

    Little Big (Russia)

    The Hatters (Russia)

    Aya Eith Us (Russia)

    Nihau (Russia)

    Zdob Si Zdub (Moldova)

    Nina Karlsson (Russia)

    Dakha Brakha (Ukraine)

    Auktsion (Russia)

    Optimystica Orchestra (Russia)

    Giallo (Russia)

    PTVP (Russia)

    SIBERIAN MEAT GRINDER feat. Vasya V (Russia)

    Обитель Телема (Russia)

    Kim & Buran (Russia)

    Khartyga & Albert Kuvezin (Russia)

    Compiled by Vladimir Kravchenko

    Узнавайте о мероприятиях первыми!

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